Italy - helpful hints and recommendations & Venice airport challenge

Discussion created by surfwatcherb on Oct 5, 2014
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My husband and I are leaving for Italy in the next month and will be gone for 3 weeks.  We are staying at the Grand Flora in Rome on points, at the Westin in Florence on points and at the Boscolo Venezia on points.  Can you tell that we have been saving our points for many years for this first time trip to Italy?


I would love to have any recommendations for restaurants in any of those cities.  We pretty much have our "tours" booked and major sight seeing locations all planned out.


Also, if you have any helpful hints or suggestions, that would be most welcome.  Lastly, for those with experience flying out of Venice - here's our challenge.  We have a 6:30 am flight out of Venice, connecting throughout CDG back to the US.    I don't believe the Marriott Boscolo provides airport boat shuttle to the airport so we will need to take a public transportation.  How early do we need to be at the airport?    The Alliguna does not stop at the closest dock to the hotel until 8am.  So we will need to either walk to the further dock or walk to the bus stop, both at an ungodly hour in the morning.

Should we splurge on a "taxi", should we just stay at the Marriott courtyard for our final night, or will it be no problem to take the bus to the airport.


Thanks in advance for any advice.