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How do you go about requesting an upgrade?

Question asked by justink on Oct 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by erc

Good day,


I wondering how a Gold Elite member is to go about requesting an upgrade.  I've been Gold Elite for the past couple of years and can say that I've never been automatically upgraded to anything.  I don't know why; but it is what it is.  The reason why I'm posting this is because due to all of my travel for work I've finally accumulated enough points from airlines, rental car, to Marriot points to give my wife the first vacation we've had since we've been married (5 years).  We're staying at the Marriot Timber Lodge at Lake Tahoe.  I only had enough points to book the standard room; since it was a cat 5 hotel it costs 40000 points a night.  How do I go about seeing if my status will provide any upgrade, or what are you experiences that yielded you an upgrade.  Anything to help this vacation be truly awesome would be greatly appreciated!