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JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro

Question asked by totraveller on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2014 by skiadcock

Hello all, I currently have reservations at the JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro for whole week in October - 5 nights using points, rest cash (~$350/night).


I am a gold elite member. I have read VERY mixed reviews for this hotel.  Many are saying it does not measure to the JW standards - the name and price are only because of location, so I am torn.  It is mostly a points visit, and I am hoping for a very positive experience.


Does anyone have experience at this hotel?  And if you are a gold elite member, was this valued? I believe being a gold should allow me access to the Griffin Club (ie. their concierge lounge) and free internet (surprisingly there usually is a fee). Can I expect a room upgrade?


Many thanks for your help.