Rewards Policy Questions for My Man Josh M

Discussion created by erc on Sep 30, 2014
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As one of the Insiders "go to research experts" could you please find the formal policy answer to the following two issues?

1) I'm aware of the formal policy of Concierge Benefits for elite and one guest (often times executed more liberally at the property level), but what is the formal policy for an Elite purchasing two rooms? Insiders, I've read many of the actual experiences and, if so desired, feel free to share them; but I would like to know the actual Marriott interpretation (and yes, I realize the CL is easily entered, I'm more interested in weekends when the CL is closed and breakfast coupons are provided)

2) (I believe I know the answer to this one) As all can tell from my pretty face, I'm not quite eligible for the Sr. Citizen rate (next year). I often travel with dear ol' Mom and several times the Senior rate is a savings from what I can get. Joshm if I use the senior rate, do elite benefits apply?  Now, I know several of you (much younger than I) have successfully used the rate and captured benefits, do not write in or Big Brother might smite you and your points. As a matter of fact, you should stop reading right now before joshm tells you. One of my sadder grocery store experiences was when Mrs. Erc informed my that my ignorant habit of slapping peppers and olives on my salad was wrong because they were priced at two different levels (and yes, I know I could get two containers, but c'mon) thus making me look like a nervous drug smuggler if I were ever to do it again.

Thanks josh, there's a Guinness (and other fine drafts) in it for you on your next trip to the Nation's Capital . And while I'm at it, please keep an eye on the Atlantis situation, it would break my heart if my annoying Hyatt loving friends inform me.