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Discussion created by erc on Sep 30, 2014
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Being gone for a few weeks, I checked into Insiders and with the exception of missing the camaraderie of the regulars, I realized I hadn't really missed anything with regards to The Greater Team's execution of the Marriott Rewards program;

Web site sign in continued providing headaches
Bonus points continued requiring follow up for credit
Plats continued needing to ask for upgrades
Misterchk along w/Insiders, continued not being listened to
Lifetime points posting continued being a mystery
and our newest 'enhancement' (to go along with along matrix pitas)
The floating pop up pillow continued being an irritant to customers wanting to reserve rooms

The last item really drove home a point to me - Marriott Rewards irritates us, we actively complain, Marriott occasionally removes the irritant, and we feel like we've accomplished something. I'm also cognizant of the reality that in spite of these avoidable customer service flaws, Marriott continues to rack up Loyalty Program awards and record setting financial results (which pleases all us shareholders), so I don't fool myself into thinking Marriott is crying crocodile tears of concern over our suggestions not generating responses.

My last two Full Service reservations came without a virtual concierge, this combined with the web site 45 character request box (which does not receive a response) along with the growing trend of more and more properties using titles instead of names on their social media interaction like TripAdvisor, makes it harder and harder to interact with a property prior to check in. Coming off a superb VRBO week in the Outer Banks NC (6 BR, pool, hot tub, elevator, grills, pool table, foosball, air hockey, six tv's etc etc, two easy blocks from beach at $1,500 divided by three families) and then another fine stay at a TravelZoo deal, I continue to adjust my travel plans reflecting a lesser addiction to the Marriott brand (and I am confident AirBnB with their enormous capital base, will eventually grow to be another, more exotic, VRBO) and therefore intend to spend less time barking at the wall known as Marriott Rewards and invest that time in getting to know the property personnel (pluto if you want the Mayflower contact, let me know).

Insiders remains for me, a superb travel maximizing tool. I will continue sharing travel experiences (Next; Ventura Marriott/Oxnard Res Inn and no doubt Oprah's Santa Barbara house, unless she's home ) out of gratitude for the ideas and info provided me, resulting in many terrific travel experiences, but good pals, please feel free to remind me, "hey chowderhead, you said you weren't going to rabble rouse any more" if I waste any more time, better invested on customizing my future Marriott stays. As kharada would say, "arrivederci"; or is that profchiara? I've been away for awhile playing poker and like the Coneheads (look it up joshm), consuming mass quantities .