Annoying & pointless pop-up; yet other things aren't done

Discussion created by skiadcock on Sep 24, 2014
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From a thread in Flyertalk by a Marriott FTer: (not me, but I'm in total agreement with him):


"Has anyone noticed the new annoying popup that started on Marriott's site today - it wasn't like this yesterday. Yes, I know, small world problem, but as a frequent user to the Marriott site, don't enjoy having to click the blue box every single time a new page loads or I click a link / photo, etc. Too many clicks now to actually make a reservation, and studies show the more clicks the quicker they lose customers.


Every page you go to, a little message slides down in front of the room rates on a Marriott pillow and reservations and states:

"You're one click away from our best available rate"....Close Now & Continue in a small blue box that doesn't really make it easy to figure out how to close the pop-up.


Even with a pop-up blocker, it's not stopping it - it's kind of like one of those messages you see on other sites where it slides and says take a survey, or want to chat. This new message seems to replace the whole website survey thing Marriott had before that would always slide onto the site.

My biggest gripe with it is that I don't even understand the point of what they are trying to convey to me as the message. The top of the page already says best available rates, why add another message just to make your customers angry. It serves little to no value - at least normal pop ups generate ad revenue for businesses, but this does none of that."

So Marriott IT strikes again.  Instead of keeping things that worked on the website & were the most user friendly, instead they add fluff, add clicks (this being the latest example) and just make the booking process & managing reservations worse.