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Could I have been charged twice for a reward booking?

Question asked by boingboing on Sep 26, 2014
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I'm new to this group so forgive me if I'm asking something stupid.


I suspect I've been charged twice over for a reward booking at the Marriott in Bangalore in a couple of week's time. I booked three Indian hotels way back in January - a single night in Chennai at the Courtyard twice over (10k points per night) and a single night in Bangalore at the JW Marriott (35k points).

Before the booking I had 37k points (give or take a few) - enough to cover the three bookings. The 35k points were deducted and I got confirmations for all three bookings, each showing a reward certificate number. I assumed all was sorted.


I've just been going back through the website to check all was OK when I saw that it said I hadn't ordered an ecertificate for the Bangalore night. I had no idea what that meant but I pushed all the buttons, it confirmed the ecert and I lost 15k points again.


I started to wonder if I imagined them being taken back in Jan but I checked my balances. Before ordering I had 37563 points. The following month's statement after a couple of stays showed 7047 points. So the 35k must have been taken. I've read on here that people used to order nights before they had the points and then pay later - but I had the points and they took them already.


And now they've taken them again.


Or am I being really thick and missing something important?


I hope this makes sense to someone and I'd appreciate any advice. I'll call the helpline tomorrow and see if they can give them back or explain what happened.