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Making reservations for others and eligibility

Question asked by jsucool76 on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2014 by kbscubadiver

So I had a few quick questions. I'm fairly new to the MR program, but recently acquired the chase marriot card so now marriot is my go-to hotel.


I see that there is a deal going "free nights for new members", and have already made reservations for 2 paid stays which will fall into eligibility timeframe for my account, however, one of the reservations I've made is for my mom for a stay that I will not be at. Will this reservation still count towards this promotion since it was made through my MR account, and it will be paid for with my marriot card? Will I receive points for this stay? And lastly, I made a second reservation for my mom using my annual free night from my marriot card, another stay I will not be present for, will she be able to use this free night if I am not there?


Thanks so much, in advance, for the help!