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How often do you have to request for bonus points to be credited after your stay?

Question asked by shayoyohan on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by psudad

Like many others here, I too am a Lifetime Platinum member.

I stay well over 100 nights per year at Marriott properties.

For each stay, we all are entitled to the Platinum arrival bonus and I am told the largest percentage of people request the bonus points versus an amenity.

There are also many other stays that qualify for bonus points for various reasons and rates.

My question is how often do you have to request for these bonus points to be added to your account after your stay?

For me, it's at least one out of 4 stays that I have to check my account for accuracy and then request for the bonus points to be credited.

Marriott in effect has made their customers and members their own customer service department!

What is your experience?