St. Kitts.

Discussion created by arubalady on Mar 16, 2008
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Just returned from a week in St. Kitts.  Glad we did it but won't be going back anytime soon.  the people were great especially the people who operate private business and depend on the tourist for there income.  What I did find very strange were the people who worked at the resort.  some were very friendly but others just didn't care!  Just not the marriott standard that we were used to.  I just wish the people who were working in the restaurants were more informative about what they are serving, and much nicer.  To me this is a beautiful resort but definitely lacking in some areas.  You couldn't ask for any more natural beauty but if you are looking for great food and great service then it is definitley lacking!  We spend at least a week in the Marriott Vacation Club resorts every year and this is the first one that we had problems with.