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Discussion created by erc on Sep 19, 2014
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The communitymanager is offering to  "post some Member Exclusive Offers about to go live" (here's hoping the SOME is a significant number ).  Insiders, please be sure to share your thoughts in the poll - thanks.

Member Exclusive Offers: Are you interested in seeing these back on Insiders?

Bloggers and CM, if you ever wanted evidence of the need to make ALL posts 'live' (meaning as long as someone is posting and engaging in the exchange of information, the blog, post etc should be kept on the Big Board, which expands the participation and ideas geometrically);

FlashPerks a Disservice - 1150 views

Tip Envelopes on Pillow - 1350 views

Do you want to know of deals in advance? - 40 views

Of course it also demonstrates nothing like a good gripe session to stir up the juices - and as we all know, I'm always up for a good gripe as much as anyone, but they often go unheeded; here's an opportunity to express a view on increasing the odds of securing a deal.