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UA Offers $100,000 Buyout to Flight Attendants

Question asked by iahflyr on Sep 15, 2014
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I ran across this little tidbit of news today:


United Offers $100,000 Buyouts to Flight Attendants - Bloomberg


What's next to cut costs at UA, removing one pilot from the flight deck?  How on earth can they be so far behind American, Delta, Southwest, Alaska and even Spirit in costs when they have one of if not the youngest most fuel efficient fleet in the industry?

Management, simply poor management led by the often talked of yet seldom liked Jeff (Slimesek) Smisek.  How does the UA Board of Directors continue to have him running this company?


Incredible just incredible to think of where CO was and where UA was prior to the merger of equals (oh yes so right).  And now the CO management is responsible for dragging this company through the gutter, the UA culture IMHO has overrun the CO culture particularly in the management level of things.  Amazingly most of the the front line employees continue to do their jobs and surprisingly with a friendly happy go luck attitude (at least on our flights) while management seeks to cut every corner they can.