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Discussion created by zukracer on Sep 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by iahflyr

So I've noticed there's badges with cool points associated to them.  I got the plat. prem one but don't seem to have credit for others that maybe I should.  Does anyone know if these things work from date of "opt in" forward to earn or if these are based on your history/account values?  I'm curious because I also should have the 1000 night one if its a cumulative thing vs starting now (opt in time) forward.  I'm probably never going to trip another 1000 nights (or 700 something to reach 2000) so just curious.  The points you get for them are pretty small, so I'm not worried with them, I think the max you can get is like 1000 points but would be cool to see if I can get all the badges