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Headed to London again

Question asked by londonbound2014 on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2014 by skiadcock

I'm headed to London for the second time this year.  Going to see my Oakland Raiders pull out a miracle win at Wembley!  It will be a miracle!


My last time in London I stayed at County Hall and it was just great!  Teddi was just great, she is so awesome!  It wasn't my first choice hotel when I planned my trip, but after posting in this forum, I was referred to her and it proved to be so valuable.  I'd love to stay at County Hall for this trip, but their rewards points offers seemed to be for executive suites only.  I ended up making a reservations for Park Lane, Grosvenor House (JW), St. Pancras, and London Edition and have to decide on one soon.  Can anyone give my insight on these hotels?  I had to reserve twin beds for a couple of those, but Im hoping to get upgraded to at least double based on my platinum status.  Any advice would be appreciated!  Thanks!