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In Room Amenities

Question asked by tommo781 on Sep 12, 2014
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Hi Everyone. There is a thread running at the moment about the telephones being "rationed" in some hotels.  The specified item was not found.  On that thread I have mentioned notepaper.


The whole discussion has got me thinking about how in room amenities have changed in the years I have been using Marriott.  I wondered if any of you all have any pet peeves.  Mine are (in no particular order):-


I too have noticed the phone is often down to one beside the bed at FS Marriotts here in the UK, whereas there used to be one on the desk as well.  I would prefer one on the desk too, and I am not on business.  I want it there for ringing friends etc.


Notepaper.  There always used to be a few sheets of notepaper and a pen, both next to the bedside phone and the desk phone.  Just small sheets of paper, but ideal for scribbling down quick notes.  Now all we get is one piece of white card and one pen in the room.  The piece of card has the Marriott logo on, but is frequently not replaced when it has been used.  Really mean IMHO.


Slippers.  In suites etc here in the UK, you used to get really nice slippers.  White thick, and fluffy, closed in toe with the Marriott logo embroidered on them.  I ALWAYS use slippers, and loved the ones we used to get.  Now all we get is cheap towelling thin slippers, open toed, no logo.  They fall to bits after 2 days, but are never replaced when I stay longer, even though I have put them in the bin.


Tables.  There always used to be a decent sized table in a suite.  Now there is a very stylish small round table.  Lovely to look at, but try having room service dinner or breakfast for 2 on it.  Much of the food has to sit on a tray on the floor until required.  Very cramped!


I am pretty anal when it comes to packing for trips.  I have a "packing list" which I stick to religiously. Recently I have found myself adding notepaper and slippers!  (Obviously I can't take a phone or a table )


I am sure I have missed out severl items.  What does everyone else think?