Marriott Rewards Flash Perks - a Disservice to MR Customers

Discussion created by pluto77 on Sep 11, 2014
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***Rant Warning***

So I bit on Flash Perks this morning, only to have achieved nothing but an unpleasant after taste.  At 11:59 am CST, I waited for the flash perks to go live.  Refresh, refresh, refresh.  It took until almost 12:03 pm for it to become active.  Then - nothing.  No flash perk availability on the reservation calendar that my flash perk click sent me to.  Refresh, refresh, refresh.  Nothing.  At 12:05 pm, I contacted Marriott reservations, as I knew it would sell out and didn't want to miss the opportunity.  The (very nice, pleasant) agent had never heard of flash perks.  She put me on hold and while I waited, the half price did show up - for a millisecond.  When I clicked on the date to reserve, it went from points to dollars.  Back to the calendar, and the half price was gone.  The girl came back on the line and told me she was going to check one more thing.  While holding, refresh, refresh, refresh.  Finally the half price showed up again (and for ALL 34 of the advertised dates on the calendar and by this time 12:10 pm), but it only would let me book one night at a time.  I booked the first night and then tried again and again and again.  Nothing, but the full price.  She came back and said unfortunately it was sold out.  There were 34 nights available in the advertisement, all during winter and up to 10 rooms/night.  That's a lot of rooms and a lot of nights.  I fail to see how it could be sold out - IMMEDIATELY.  A lot of frustration and time wasted (plus the pre-flash perk airline research).  Frankly, I think Marriott Rewards Flash Perks is a scam or at the least a joke.  The web app (combined with the Marriott pricing matrix) is deeply flawed and/or there really aren't as many rooms/nights available as advertised.  I have no faith in it.  The reservations associate transferred me to Marriott customer care.  I then relayed my experience and disappointment only asking that the customer care associate pass it on to "the greater team" in hopes that something could be done to effect improved future outcomes and though he said he would do that, he could not possibly have stated so with less enthusiasm or concern.


I will not waste my time or energy chasing Marriott flash perks in the future.  Honestly, this is yet one more disappointment in a string of disappointments (CY lobby coffee/bistro fiasco, hotel category increases, MR Plus Points that never happened, loss of category 4 and 5 certs, lack of upgrades and recognition, breakfast and platinum arrival gift downgrades, unknowledgeable and/or unengaging associates, inferior customer service in the U.S., etc.) that Marriott has created for it's customers this past year.  I grow less and less enthused and motivated by the "benefits" of Marriott Rewards over time.  I realize that I am not a high revenue customer, however I am (representative of) legion and we are many.


If anyone out there has had a good experience with one of the flash perks "real" deals (a lot of the "perks" are not deals, imo) please tell us about it.