Amalfi Coast

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Hi all,

Even though some of you know I was rather underwhelmed by things in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast (except the hotel, the dining and the people), that is my own bias, because I need historical things to do.  So here are some pics from my tour of the Amalfi coast. Guemar Travel is fabulous, though I think to get the really good views you need to a night tour (they offer on) or in my case, a seacoast tour, which is offered in group tours locally.


Anyway, some photos, starting with some little cave houses made by a local outdoor artist:

IMG_2754.jpgOne of my favorite stops was at Sant'Andrea Church in Amalfi, which is gorgeous.IMG_2798.jpg

sant'adrea.jpgThen there are beautiful scenes from the winding hilltop roads.IMG_2776.jpgIMG_2822.jpgThis is the "Cloister of Paradise" in Sant' Andrea.cloister of paradise.jpgIn Ravello, the church of San Pantaleone was closed for lunch, but I sat in the square and a tabby cat came up to me. It was one my favorite parts .  I have to see at least one cat on every trip.ravello.jpgA visit to the medieval Villa San Rufolo, where Boccaccio wrote his bawdy stories of the Decameron is a must.


IMG_2806.jpgInside San Rufolo are some beautiful friezes and sculptures.IMG_2812.jpgAnd finally back to Sorrento at the Marina Grande: