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I think most of us are aware of FlyerTalk and use it a lot or a little.  At times I find it very difficult to find useful information quickly, and you have learn how to do genius searches if you want very specific info.  Some of the people are also quite snarky.


At the same time, I would ask if there is something similar like HotelTalk?  I ask because I have three European reservations made before January 1, and all can be cancelled the night before.  Since I look on tripadvisor,,,, and a few others, I regularly get emails from all of them saying prices have gone down on hotels I've "looked at."  Tingo also apparently ensures if prices go down you'll get the best price, though I have not used them yet.


So first of all, does something like this exist?  If not, shouldn't it?  I have a fairly expensive reservation coming up (though not out of this world) in Greece, and am constantly getting updates on any and every hotel I look at with lower figures (though in some cases I have checked hotel websites and their prices are better). In Athens, there is a good likelihood I will eventually book the Ledra (I'm currently booked at the Athens Gate Hotel) for the pool, though the Hilton also has a pool and is better located.  I have very conflicted loyalties because while the Ledra's new manager wrote me in rather generic terms, wonderful Nadia wrote me personally.  Still, their posted prices are WAY WAY above those on hotels, booking, tingo etc for the best rooms.


Surely one of you with all the computer skills can become the founder and CEO of HotelTalk?  We could use you!s