In-Room Telephones

Discussion created by boomer on Sep 10, 2014
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I understand why Marriott would scale back in room phones but am mystified by the latest trend.  I stay at a lot of Courtyards on business and have noticed that many have eliminated the desk phone leaving only the bedside phone.  I would personally prefer leaving the desk phone but imagine that some may use the bedside phone for wake up calls?  Either way, whichever phone that remains, could it PLEASE be a speakerphone?  I will occasionally use this phone to participate in conference calls while working from the room and mobile phone speakers leave a lot to be desired.  Anyone else agree?


Also,  I am seeing fewer and fewer hotels with luggage stands leaving me to use the coffee table or couch.  In this day of possible bed bugs transfer i prefer having a luggage stand to rest my luggage, plus I can leave it in one place rather than moving it around.