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How long does it take for the new MR badges to show up?

Question asked by bejacob on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by bejacob

Hey communitymanagers. How long before the new MR badges show up in our Rewards account?


During my visit to TX, OK, and KS last month, I stayed at 2 CYs, 2 SHS, a TPS, and the Renaissance. If I understand how the new badging program works (detailed in these threads--More Fun Features Coming Soon To Your Account and Badging: A more in depth overview), I should have earned the badges for CY and SHS along with 25 bonus MR points for each (woo hoo ). The actual points for the hotel stays showed up within 48 hours as did the other bonus points I earned for the promotions in effect at the time.


I opted in to earn the badges (I figured, why not), but so far the only one I have is the Platinum badge. I'm particularly concerned about earning the badges (or the points), but since my recent travels (planned long before these badges were rolled out ) should have netted me a couple badges and 50 bonus points, I thought it appropriate to inquire.


Has anyone else earned any of these new MR badges yet?