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Pools with slides, spray pad, or water parks?

Question asked by clebert on Aug 29, 2014

The children are obsessed with swimming.  Any hotel pool makes them happy, but they are especially enthralled with anything resembling a water park and/or a pool with a slide, however modest.  So far I have encountered water park type situations at:


FFI Rapid City - huge water park connected to hotel

Renaissance at the Depot Minneapolis - decent water park at hotel but only open on weekends

FFI Winnipeg - modest water park in hotel

RI Helena - modest water park in hotel

Marriott World Center Orlando - slides

MVC Ko Olina - slide / waterfalls

MVC Marco Island - slide

MVC Ft. Lauderdale - spray pad

Marriott at Sand Key Clearwater - slide

Marriott Marina San Diego - spray pad


I would love to hear about other Marriott properties that have pools with some sort of water park feature, however modest!  Thanks!