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Discussion created by erc on Sep 8, 2014
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The communitymanagers, perhaps either on her own initiative (Marriott asked Facebook participants on September 2nd,  The "Insiders" were asked September 5th) or at the request of Marriott (either way, I'm glad we were included) posted a thread asking



How Can We Take Guest Loyalty to the Next Level?


and has received some worthwhile input (of course a lot of this 'market research' has been willingly provided for the past several years in this forum, Marriott need only read). A majority of the insightful input provided by Insiders (who once more took the time to share) centers around Marriott sincerely providing at least the perception that they actually care about guest loyalty, by demonstrating follow up and in a mutually beneficial, best case scenario, providing actual implementation of at least some of the suggestions (after all, Marriott was the one doing the asking).

Along those lines, below is what I believe is an excellent example; Insiders have been discussing the missed potential of both the web site and this Insiders forum for years. Rather than rehash the myriad of tech examples, I'll pick one that glaringly stood out to me this weekend. Insiders are encouraged to post blogs and share. Several of us (jakeal being one, we miss you jakeal and hope all is well) noticed long ago that blogs do not reset on the "Big Board" of posts when someone replies. This leads to a 'flash across the sky' impact on the blog (meaning the blog only has worthwhile visibility while it is one of the ten most recent threads, which may be less than two hours) which means diminished viewership and participation. I am not a blogger, so I'm not speaking for myself, but many Insiders expend significant energy and effort posting superb and informative blogs only to be seen by a small readership and forever lost. 

This weekend alone, I observed three blogs (see below) by iahflyr, bejacob, and kharada46 which all had less than 60 viewers (and easily, five of those views were me stumbling around trying to arrange these links ). Combined, the three of them received less views (but active participation among the viewers) than the 200+ views of whether we take off our shoes and if our feet stink or not (and I'm not knocking that post, I welcome all participation, as a matter of fact I'm looking forward to seeing the posting and responses of a Mile High Club question ).

Bottom line - if Marriott is truly sincere about raising Guest Loyalty, start with the slam dunks that have been requested for months, if not years. For purposes of impacting guest loyalty, adding bells and whistles (like the gamification concept) is fine, if it doesn't appear to come at the expense of those slam dunks. And if you decide to "go your own way", that's fine also, it's your ball - but just don't ask us for input, it becomes condescendingly counter productive.

Here's the well crafted blogs I mentioned (it's pretty easy to guess the authors from the title - drifter, Hawaii, da plane, da plane )

These outlays of effort deserve more visibility than blogs provide - as a marketing guy, I believe you should just post as a discussion, until Marriott changes the format

High Plains Drifter




Outdoors Maui - Nakalele Blowhole



Traveling on the A388 IAH-FRA