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Another problem with Marriott Rewards

Question asked by platinumstar on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2014 by skiadcock

I am totally fed up with Marriott rewards not being posted! With technology the way it is why on earth do points not automatically post? Once again I have had to chase a hotel for my most recent stay in August (The Marriott Downtown New York - where I had a great stay!), they've emailed Marriott rewards and still nothing.


Why is it that sometimes the points are posted the next day, sometimes a day after, then you get inconsistencies when nothing posts at all, so what is going on? I wasn't asked on this occasion but in the past Ive been asked to fax my bill to prove I stayed there - whats that all about, I stayed in a Marriott property, I paid for it, the hotel has a record of my stay so whats the problem.


Marriott - you need to get your act together. Why are you employing staff to sit and chase up guests non credit of points? This is not the first time I've posted something regarding this and if Marriott are so behind in the way they work then it won't be the last. If an airline like British Airways can post my miles the next day without fail, why can''t Marriott! Not impressed one bit!


Can someone from Marriott please answer how points are actually posted? I would be very interested to know if someone has to manually do it?