Gold Elite Breakfast for one person only?!?

Discussion created by ulle on Sep 3, 2014
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I´ve spent a two night stay at the Renaissance Bochum Hotel, Germany, earlier this summer. During check-in I was told that there was no lounge and that I was entitled to breakfast in the hotel restaurant. My wife joined me for the second night and we had breakfast in the morning.

The hotel charged the second breakfast arguing that the Gold Elite benefit would only be valid for the member and not a second guest staying in the room. According to the hotel this was in line with program rules.

There was no manager present at the hotel at 11am on a Sunday so I had no option other than accepting the charge.

A number of emails later the hotel was willing to refund the breakfast charge but still argues that breakfast for one was in line with program rules.

A call to customer care resulted in a 1000 MR points as sign of good-will.


I am still confused as the rules state breakfast for two: https://www.marriott.com/rewards/member-benefits.mi


I am also highly disappointed about how both the hotel and customer care dealt with the matter as no one to this day has clearly stated to me what the official rules are and if I may expect breakfast for two or not. 1000 points seems stingy for an issue where - as far as I understand - the hotel charged me inappropriately and it took me quite some time to get the money refunded. There were also other issues with the hotel so I will avoid staying there again.


My question to you: Has anything like this happened to you? What can I do in such a situation at the hotel? Provided the rules posted at the site are correct, how can a property like the Renaissance Bochum be forced to follow the rules?


I am still irritated that Marriott will tolerate such individual "interpretation" of the program rules...