Concierge Lounge Star

Discussion created by sledchick on Aug 26, 2014
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I had the pleasure of watching Lisa A. perform her duties cheerfully and courteously in the concierge lounge at the Ottawa Marriott recently.  She is a wonder!  It was a busy week, as all five mornings we were there the place was packed.  Lisa glided in and out (at a fast pace) replacing food, clearing tables, and asking if anyone needed anything before she needed to shut the breakfast down.  I have to say that she never had a moment's rest but willingly gave her all to us weary travelers.  One of the mornings, I noticed her holding a towel to her hand and asked if she was all right.  She said she was fine, just a small cut and it was nothing.  Apparently it was more than "nothing" but she never let on, and didn't miss a beat.  I appreciated her smile, her work ethic, and her friendliness in spite of the hectic atmosphere.  I think someone else in her shoes might have been a little crabby because it truly was a zoo in there (not enough space or tables for such a large hotel).  Marriott hired the right person because I can attest to the fact that Lisa was the one that worked the hardest to make our stay enjoyable.