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Combing Getaway Promotion and Mileage Plus question

Question asked by jmessi1 on Aug 28, 2014
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Hello all,


Question regarding the combined Marriott United MileagePlus promotion where you can earn 1000 UAL miles per stay at a participating Marriott.


I states that "Members can elect to earn miles or points for base stay under this promotion and must make selection in their profile when making reservation".   However, it also says "Make sure your preferred airline is United Airlines to earn with this promotion!."

It sounds like I can have my account set to earning points.. while still getting the bonus miles?  If yes, does this mean I can combine it with the summer getaway promotion which doubles my points up after my second stay?


One of the participating hotels is near my house, so it would be nice if I can combine these two promotions... get a lot of points, some miles, and a night out on the town.



Thanks for any insight on this!



John Messina