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Minneapolis Dining!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by jerryl

Just a short note to share some wonderful places to dine in Minneapolis, MN!  If you have more, please share!


One of the finest places to dine, for both food and comfort was:


La Belle Vie!

It was a little difficult to find, as it's in an apartment building, but well worth the trouble!  The dining was relaxed, and the dishes were outstanding!


The dining room was very peaceful and quiet!


Nothing like a great "Burgundy" to go with a wonderful dessert!


Would also like to to recommend:


Doolittles: Very nice BBQ!  Wood Fired and with locations in Minneapolis and Alexandria!


Vincent's:  Food was excellent!  Place is loud, but the lounge is a nice place to quietly dine!


112 3rd:  Food was very nice, but the noise in the place is overwhelming.  Serves a late night dinner, but parking is a problem, and this is a tough place to find.  The younger crowd is very popular here!


Again, if you have a place to suggest to others in The Minneapolis area, please do!