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Theft from Room - Claim Manager of No Assistance

Question asked by lpg on Aug 21, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2014 by panusr

     My husband and I live in Dallas and recently stayed at the JW Marriott in Chicago. After checking out, we left our bags with the front desk as there were a few hours between our checkout time and our plane departure. We returned to find an item missing from our suitcase.


Until that point, my stay at the Marriot was fantastic and even afterwards, the Front Desk Manager, Loss Prevention Rep and staff were all very apologetic and offered as much assistance as possible and reassured me that the occurrence wasn't taken lightly and that it would be taken care of.


Today, I received a call from the claims dept in Dallas the representative I spoke with destroyed all confidence I had in the issue being resolved. She was abrasive, and spoke to me as if my "small claim" wasn't of importance. Each question I asked was met with opposition and mention of policy and processes. I know a $130 valued item may not seem like much to many, but to my husband and I - a loss is a loss. Because it was established and confirmed the item was lost while in custody of the JW Marriott, we were originally assured we would be reimbursed if the item couldn't be found, now the new rep is saying we will not be reimbursed  without original receipt.


I'm just at a loss for words regarding this rep - this is NOT the quality of care I expected from the JW or its representatives and it isn't consistent with the Spirit to Serve. I even mentioned my dissatisfaction to her, calling out her tone, lack of concern for my personal loss and the quality of service we were receiving from her and she told me she didn't work in customer service - she was handling the claim.


Is there anyone that can provide me with more information regarding the claims/loss process and how the reimbursement process works? I really need to replace the item soon and I honestly dont have an extra $130 to spend especially when I am not confident at all that any action will be taken to rectify/reimburse from my claim manager. Any assistance anyone is able to provide would be greatly appreciated.