Terrible Reward Customer service

Discussion created by jzinmichigan on Aug 21, 2014
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I have been with Marriott for 15 years. I used to be satisfied with Reward service. However, its service is going downhill. Here is why – I tried to make a reservation using my free night from Marriott Rewards Visa. The rep told me that it was expired 3 days ago. I kindly asked to extend it so I could use it this week since there was no warning or e-mail indicated my free night would be expired soon. However, the rep couldn’t do anything and had to ask her supervisor. The supervisor said NO because I didn’t use the Marriott Visa for a while.


This free night got nothing to do with the Marriott Visa. I asked to speak to her supervisor. The rep told me her supervisor didn’t want to talk to me. It ended up talking to another supervisor “Debra”. She said she couldn’t do anything since the previous supervisor had asked not to extend the free night to me.  I explained to her I had that incident couple year ago and the Reward Customer service was able to expend the free night. Besides that I was gold member for few years. Her voice became annoyed and kept saying – not this time and not to YOU!


What a terrible service! I decided to cancel my Reward Visa and stay away from Marriott.