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What are your thoughts regarding this matter?

Question asked by bago on Aug 25, 2014

Just seeking feedback from other insiders.  I am thinking if spending 30 nights at the Courtyard Marriott, Port of Spain,Trinidad from Feb.1 - March 3, 2015.  Also, I know there is a special event going on from Feb.12 - Feb. 18 and hotel rates peak at this time.  Nonetheless, since my stay is for 30 consecutive nights, Marriott Customer Care wrote a letter to the folks at the Port of Spain CY asking them to offer a flat rate for a 30 nights stay.  Unfortunately, the request was denied. I am very disappointed. I am not convinced that CY would fill every room from Feb.1 - March 3.  Adding insult to injury, the CY in POS is a Category 5 hotel.  Its nightly rates range from $139US - $359US without any upgrades.  Also, I forgot to mention, I am a platinum member.  Based on their nicely worded letter of denial, I do think I will be going.  My $8,500US + look great in  bank account.