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Insiders - Has anyone secured a FlashPerks deal?

Question asked by erc on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by skiadcock

When FlashPerks first came out, with all of its hype and fanfare, I was optimistic (as shown by my 'Company Man' attitude throughout this thread)

Flash Perks starting July 17th - noon Central time that over time perhaps a worthwhile deal could be snagged over the 12 weeks they were offered.


Without a doubt the award savings offers (half price points) represent a legitimate deal, albeit;

a) requiring a narrow window of travel and

b) due to the limited amount of offers - 10 deals for each night offered (although sometimes since individual days may have been taken, one of two days at full fare might be required for a two or longer night stay)

c) but fair enough, at least they were sometimes there and you were told when they weren't (unlike Marriott Rewards Exclusive Offers)


The merchandise appears (based on speed of redemption) to have been where the meat of the promo existed (anyone land a deal?).


The cash deals for rooms started off similarly, actual savings, but you had to earn them by matching dates and being one of the first ten (one offer was dead, one minute after going up per my attempts and as it turns out, 20 seconds per FlyerTalk - but, ok, you snooze, you lose).


But now the whole shebang appears to be running on fumes. Last week one of the properties was priced at retail (granted, the FlashPerk included breakfast - but for any gold/plat, that kept it from being a deal, i.e. the offer was geared more to the Facebook Rewards newbies) and we saw our first signs of web site malfunction, costing jerrodsdad a shot at some of the merchandise, and this week the property offers seem minimal.


This lead me to be curious if this has become another 'Surprise Party' debacle where a promo is brought out with enormous buzz (no beef with Marriott there, that's the game we're all playing) but then not even meeting the "worth the effort" threshold.


So, what say you Insiders, has anyone secured a FlashPerks deal?   Thank you for your input.