NEVER take a timeshare vacation tour/preview/etc

Discussion created by zukracer on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2016 by maddashin

I swear its enough to make me change my phone number and never darken another Marriott door again.


I took a tour trip to the St Kitts vacation club 5 almost 6 yrs ago.  I have been hounded and still hounded by the (*&$(^&$^#ing time share vacation package place.  If someone in the Marriott corporation is listening, for the love of anything you hold dear please get my name taken off whatever hellish list I'm on and for anyone considering one of these "try it" packages they offer, DO NOT DO IT.  If you do register with some fake name and number.


OMG .  Sorry had to vent.  Anyone else have the same type of experience and actually managed to get off the list?


They are also super rude when they call and you say no.