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Discussion created by profchiara on Aug 16, 2014
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Hi all,

As a result of my recent bad experiences with my Delta SkyClub access, I used the remainder of my Marriott points to get a Priority Pass.  It just arrived today, and with the free 10 visits a year plus my regular SkyClub (supposedly AF and KLM still count as 'partner airlines' but Alitalia, as a codeshare, does not for  the latter).


Anyway, I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy cellphone (though since I don't have international access I don't know if I'll be able to use it in Europe -- though I have used GPS on rare occasions and it works without seeming cost -- is anyone else in the same boat?)  US Cellular seemed surprised when I told them that both my alarm clock and GPS system work in Europe.


So, after installing the mobile app, I decided to find the nearest Priority Pass lounge.  This is where it gets funny.  I guess I know now why those car/bus trips to Logan Airport seem so long -- the closest airport lounge of any sort is in Québec City!  I am assuming crow flies, though the travel time is about the same for both.  The difference is there is no traffic (and no people in that part of rte 201 in Maine and lower Québec until you get about an hour in, so you can easily go 85mph (just watch for the moose and don't get in an accident since there won't be any cell phone towers -- or, as I said, people).  So technically (except for customs coming back) I can drive to  Québec faster than Boston, though I'm assuming GPS is not calculating it that way.


So if you're out in the middle of almost nowhere like me, try and find the nearest airport lounge -- it may surprise you !