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No city view in New York with points???

Question asked by brownehounds on Aug 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2014 by platbrad

I really hope that I am just not seeing the right thing to click...

I have been saving points and will continue to save points for a turning 50 birthday trip to New York City.  This is a big deal for hubbie and I and I want to make it spectacular.  I am a public school teacher (going during Spring Break), so money is tight.  We earn the bulk of our points through my husband's traveling and with the Marriott credit card.

I am beyond dismayed to find that the main Times Square hotels (Marquis, the two Courtyards, Residence Inn) do not allow someone paying  with points to book a city view.  We will pay with an enormous amount of points - but no view.   That's like staying in an outhouse on a mountain resort.  I wrote the Marquis to see if I paid with a combination of points and cash....THEN could I get the view/better room?  No. 

There really ought to be a way to allow folks to pay more points to get a better room at one of the properties.

Other than paying cash for the rooms (really not an option) and being super nice to the front desk...any suggestions?  We are staying four nights.