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I am running into a situation that MR can't seem to resolve.


After I learned that Marriott offers lifetime elite status a few years back, I called MR to ask for the total number of nights and points.  I was told that I had 500+ night (which was enough for the lifetime Gold status), and that I had 1.1+ million points.  So I knew it would take a several more years before reaching the lifetime Gold status.


Just last week, I called again, asking the number of nights and total points.  Suprise!!!  I was told that I have 1.14+ million points.  So, bascially the total number of points did not grow at all.  So, now I am on the phone with MR and requesting an audit on my account.  But MR is telling me that there is NO WAY to audit my total points earned even for last month, and that my account is set up correctly to accumulate points.  And I just have to take their words for it.  The representative recommended that I keep track of my point from now on.  But what does that do?  If they can go back to last month's record, how are they going to listen to me?  Are they going to take my words say, I had 100,000 poiints last month, and I earned 10,00 this month, so I should have 110,000 points now?


So I asked them what if my total point was wiped out for some unthinkable reason, how are they going to get my points back?  No answer.


I made a comparison between MR program and a bank.  If I walked into my bank and was told that I did not get any interest payment, and they could not go back to look at the history of my account?  Would that be an accept anwser?


I am transferred to a supervisor, who in turn is asking a manager.  Now, I am 45 minutes on the phone with MR.


As it turns out, they can look back!  But they can only fax or snail mail it to me.  I will provide an update in a few weeks.