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For those of us who travel a lot whether in North America or the rest of the world, think about the cities you visit most often and like (or in my case, have an interesting relationship with).  If money was not an issue, you were not concerned about points, but just wanted the very best view of that place you could get from your (hopefully balcony-ed) hotel room, describe that place.


I'll start. Since I have my love/hate relationship with Paris (and have mostly lived in apartments for extended periods), it's easy for me.  I would like to be at the tip of the Ile-St-Louis (I do not even know if there is a hotel there) looking out (preferably four levels up) toward the back of the Ile-de-la-Cité and the chevet of Notre-Dame, with both the Latin Quarter to my left and the Marais to my right with the Louvre way up on the right.  I have no idea if such a hotel exists, but I would stay there.


Venice has come closest to perfection for me with the Hotel Pesaro Palace.  The views from suites (and you must get the suites) is to die for.  The challenge for me after sunset was ever leaving the room because sitting by all the windows over the Grand Canal with my table, chairs, wine and cheese (and camera) were so amazing!


In London, I had very good views from the County Hall the four times I stayed there.  However, I found it an inconvenient hotel, since I could rarely get in before 3-4pm despite arriving at around 5:30am.  I actually preferred the view of Canary Wharf from the West India Quai Marriott.


In Rome, I have yet to find my hotel.  I love the Flora; they are wonderful, the hotel is beautiful, but the Via Veneto is to me a bygone era.  I want to stay in a place that overlooks the Tiber, perhaps with a view of the Vatican and the ancient sites as well as Trastevere.  If it is December, it should not be far from the bridge to Castel Sant'Angelo.


Ghent is pretty perfect.  No two ways about or better views or hotel stays.  I couldn't even say that about the alas (gone) Ledra because it's location was not the best.


So what are your perfect places? Like I said, real hotels don't matter, just location, location, site, site...