Paris Champs Elysees

Discussion created by platinumguy on Mar 12, 2008
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Spectular hotel in Paris!  Location, Location, has it.  The employees are exceptional.  The breakfast buffet is gratis for Gold and Platinum members.  I don't know about it for Silver.  This is a great bargain, since it cost about 28Euros per person.

Ask for room 502!  This is the room with the largest balcony in the hotel that overlooks one of the world's most famous streets.  This is also the balcony Marriott uses in its commercials with a beautiful woman opening her balcony doors to welcome Paris into her morning.

Please do whateve is necessary to stay here.  Try to use Rewards Points as it is a tad pricey, but isn't that what points are for?  You simply can't go wrong with a stay here.  The Marriott "Spirit to Serve" is alive and well here.

Bon Voyage!!!