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Chicago Hotels - Residence Inn or Renaissance?

Question asked by jldmk on Aug 2, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2014 by jerrycoin

Going to Chicago in August for a wedding with my family of 5.  We need to stay in the River North area and we need more than just a regular hotel room since there are 5 of us.  Have stayed at the Chicago Marriott Mag Mile before and was NOT impressed.  So we're trying to decide between Residence Inn River North and the Renaissance on Wacker (but just read somewhere that Mag Mile sometimes gives great upgrades).  We are Platinum Premier and hoping for a nice upgrade at either of the hotels.  Does anyone have experience with either hotel and their upgrade tendencies and just in general which would be better for a family of 5.  I know Renaissance is probably nicer but Residence Inn more family friendly - wondering if we get a good upgrade at Renaissance if it could be just as nice though.  I have two rooms booked at each hotel to cover my bases.  Thanks everyone!