My Paris Quandary - What to Do?

Discussion created by profchiara on Aug 2, 2014
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I realize this is very like another post, but my circumstances are different since I've lived in Paris about 4-5 years of my life all told and 2 years at one time.  Generally speaking, I hate a love/hate relationship with it, as I feel about NYC and a few other huge cities.


My quandary is twofold.  En route to Naples/Sorrento, I have an 8h45m layover once in Paris (excluding customs).  I am flying EC with a pretty good seat, but it's a relatively short flight from the east coast, so for me that means next to no sleep with the time difference.  I know how to get to all the places in Paris quickly, but my question is do I want to?  (My flight arrives at CDG at 8:35am and leaves for Naples at 5pm.)  If I do so, it means checking my one piece of luggage, which I hate doing, especially after one trip was ruined when it was lost.  While I could still carry all essentials in 2 small carry-ons and check a bag free, that would still mean lugging laptop, cell phones, camera, wallet and all valuables around Paris while groggy.  Then I would have to go through security again without TSA Pre-Check.


I know it sounds like I'm talking myself out of it (I probably am), but I am really doing a cost-benefit analysis for my general well-being on arrival in Sorrento.  Unless I had lunch at a wonderful restaurant in Paris (which I might not feel like eating in view of the feeding schedules and time changes with the flight), there's very little in Paris I haven't seen that could be done in no more than 5 hours with the transportation involved.


I'm just curious as to all of your thoughts.  I WILL have AF Lounge access at CDG, whether or not my Priority Pass comes through in time.  And I could always eat a nice lunch at the Sheraton in the middle of the 2 concourse.


Anyone want to try to talk me one way or the other? If it were a city I had never visited I thinking I'd be leaning in the other direction.


The one thing I might do if they have one is a yotel in order to sleep.  Does anyone know if there's one at CDG?

Merci beaucoup!