Are you more likely to get upgraded Platinum vs Gold Elite?

Discussion created by oxymoronic on Aug 6, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2014 by mikiegfla

I have recently reached Platinum status.  Woo hoo!


A couple of questions.


I regularly stay at a property for 5 or 6 different categories of room.  As a Gold, I get upgraded by one tier ot two every time I check in but have never ever been upgraded to either category of suite.   As a Platinum, should I now be hopeful of a better quality of upgrade or is it still likely to be restricted to 1 or 2 categories?   [I doubt if too many regular travellers are lucky enough to have a company who will pay for the rooms close to suite level and thus be 1 or 2 categories away from the suite]


Aside from the arrival gift and the 50% bonus points, is there anything else which I am likely to notice as a result of the transition from Gold to Platinum?   Do people really feel any other difference associated with being a platinum?   Aside from front check-in staff, will any other member of staff even be aware of status?