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I Just Don't Understand Rewards Points Awarded

Question asked by tommo781 on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2014 by katiec

OK, so I am sure this has all been mentioned before.  In fact I have said something about the exchange rate recently.  But I just don't get how many rewards points I am awarded here in the UK.


After a recent kerfuffle at a Marriott concerning bonus points, I looked at all my bookings for the past 18 months to see how many points I have been awarded.


These were all UK hotels and I paid in UK £.  So I should get the amount I spent, less taxes and non qualifying charges (taxis, car park etc), multiplied by the exchange rate, multiplied by 10, then add my elite status bonus.  Am I right?


But the difference between the bookings is ridiculous.  Even hotels where I have added no extras to the room at all, so I can't have made an error on what counts and what doesn't.  I have looked up the historic US$/UK£ middle exchange rate for the days.  Sometimes the rate used is roughly the same, sometimes up to 8% less.  Might not sound a lot, but if all the rates used were consistent in relation to the exchange rate, I could have earned quite a lot more rewards points.


So is there any way I can see exactly how the total of my points awarded for each stay was arrived at?  If there isn't, we are all at the mercy of Marriott not being consistent with exchange rates.


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