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No response to a complaint from hotel

Question asked by solkua on Aug 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2016 by klucas

I recently stayed at the Renaissance London Heathrow location and aside from the poor condition of the property, I ran into a situation where I needed some good customer service and instead felt like I was a customer of no value.


Admittedly the issue was created when we made the mistake of not combing the room for all our belongs, and left my 1.5 year old daughter's stuffed animal behind. We called the moment we returned home in the US to try and recover and unfortunately what came after this is a comedic version of Liam Neeson's Taken. I spoke with the acting Manager in the evening, Craig, and he said he would check on the item and it would receive an email that night on whether or not they located the animal. Come the next morning, nothing was in my inbox. I sent a follow-up email, and when I got a response, they again said that they would check with housekeeping. I replied with a picture of the item and hopeful of their response. I may be think that this should be easier than it was, but two more days passed and I hadn't heard anything, so again I email them for a status. Finally after six days I finally get a response that the stuffed animal wasn't found.


Admittedly disappointed because we know we left it in the room, so it was obviously tossed. The disappointment that I had was amplified because at no point did I ever get the feeling that they attempted to find it, particularly since I had to constantly reach out to them for an update. Magdy who manages the front desk asked for my phone number to discuss. Not sure why the protocol is in England, but my profile shows where I live and a 0630AM call from the hotel on my cell is not likely the best time to call. We again shared an email, and I shared my disappointment with the handling. That's when I stopped hearing from the hotel. I sent another email to Magdy, and again no response. Surprised I wasn't hearing, I voiced my concern to customer care in the US and they said the hotel should be responding and they said that they will reach out again to get a response. Still nothing.


My complaint which I wrote to Magdy was this; "at no point did I feel like a valued customer. I've stayed at a number of properties in Marriott and this lost item could've had three potential outcomes; it was found and to my delight reunited with my daughter, lost but shown professional courtesy by timely follow-up, or little to no action taken with me driving the follow-up."



As a Platinum member, I'm not accustomed to not getting a response to a complaint and honestly it leaves me a bitter taste if they get away with this. This website along with TripAdvisor are quite brutal on this property for obvious visual reasons, but this is the worst Customer Service I have ever seen including other companies and industries.


Has anyone else ever been completely ignored when submitting a complaint? I've not had reasons to send complaints in the past and I just didn't think that a Marriott brand hotel is allowed to simply ignore my concern.