Hotels Block PP 48 hour availability

Discussion created by toasty1 on Jul 31, 2014
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Sorry if this has already been discussed.  If it has I would appreciate someone directing me to it.


I have been PP for awhile (years I think, don't really track the status) and have gradually grown disenchanted with benefits.  Lately I have to ask the desk clerk multiple times about upgrade availability, the condition of the hotels seem to be going down (60% courtyard, 30% Marriott, 10% upper end), points garner 1/2 of what they did just a couple years ago, etc.  At the breaking point because I tried to book a hotel at the Cleveland airport next week and at least 4 hotels (Marriott, 2 courtyards, Townplace) were blocked to the 48 hour premier guarantee (yes...Cleveland).  When I asked the hotel, central reservations and the platinum line I was told sorry, there is another hotel xx miles away.  I have been a rewards member since the late 80's, the honeymoon was long, but I think its over.  Am I missing something in 48 notice?