Hunker Down Insiders - Marriott Continues Record Results

Discussion created by erc on Jul 30, 2014
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Profits rise 7%, strong World Cup and resort demands; Development continues on record pace

If you are one of the more optimistic Insiders hoping for; Certificate Category increases, removal of resort fees, guaranteed late 4 pm checkout, pricing transparency, an along the route search feature, benefits at resorts, weekend lounge benefits, personal MegaBonus offers, guaranteed suite upgrades for elites using points or any other 'Ideal Elite Status Perks' - don't hold your breath    . Marriott, like Ol' Man River, keeps on rollin' along.


If we've learned anything about Marriott, the stronger they perform (and they are knocking it out of the park), the firmer they hold the line on benefits. I'm not necessarily complaining (except about "Pricing Quirks" ) just stating the apparent reality. And now their resorts are kicking down the door (and other parts of our collective anatomy) thanks to iahflyr constantly touting Scrub Island.  Washington DC is still weak, so that's where you'll find some excellent values, but even those are starting to tighten up and our Insider technique of booking early and watching rates decline is drying up quicker than a California marina, so buckle up Insiders, it's going to be a bumpy ride.