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Discussion created by profchiara on Jul 29, 2014
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Hi all,

I always post my comments or questions under Discussion because Destinations doesn't work because it seems to require a Marriott stay destination.  But I have had trouble finding Photo Itineraries and Albums as well as other subjects that don't appear in Inbox even though I have contributed or read such sites.  One example is Jerry Coin's Historic Sites.  While it appears under activity, it usually (at least for me) doesn't appear under Inbox and the same happened when I looked for fschumpert's travelogues on England.  You also can't give a like to the original post.


Can this be changed?  I know I didn't see some posts from others and I don't think Jerry saw some of mine till late in the day.  In any case, till it's resolved (unless it's just me) I'll keep posting under discussion - other topics.