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The Concorde!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Jul 29, 2014
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This beautiful "Bird" sits on a "Perch" at CDG in Paris!  There is also one "Perched" at LHR in London, and sadly, this may be all we will ever see of this once "Icon" of the skies!


I must share with you that I never flew on the Concorde, but know many who have.  One of them is my wife, "Ladycoin", who flew on the Concorde eight times, after taking The QE II to Europe.  She recalls the "Smallness" of the Concorde, the lines to use the restrooms, the wonderful waiting lounges, the VIP's on board, and most of all "The speed" with which you traveled!  It had to be amazing!


Each flight, each passenger was given some sort of gift to remember their Concorde experience.  We have her's and while I am not great at these kind of photo's, here are a few items:



A beautiful Concorde, "Pen and Pencil set", given away by British Airway's!


A box holding some beautiful "Personal picture frames"!


Never use, I don't know why, these small frames would be nice to carry while traveling!


If you have an experience, or pictures involving the Concorde please share with all of us!