Hilton - Mobile Check In AND Room Selection

Discussion created by erc on Jul 29, 2014
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Blackstone, majority owner of Hilton, invested in 2007 just before the near market collapse of financial markets, watched it investment decline 70%. Not only did they hang in there long enough (just like Marriott shareholders - the best hedge against Marriott's pricing momentum) to have an extremely successful IPO, but they also re-invested as they went along, specifically in technology.

They are the first to have mobile check in throughout their system and it is apparently broader than Marriott's, allowing as you'll see in the article above, room selection. Now before everyone beats up Marriott for once again being a cautious 'follower' when it comes to pioneering innovation, I for one, as a tech troglodyte,  applaud them from my selfish perspective. In the future, all the rest of you use your mobile devices, and I will walk up and check in with the sole remaining front desk clerk, who will no doubt be as helpful as "Jake, from State Farm" .

Before all readers drool over specific room check in, beware, this is starting to shape up just like airline seats. Soon we will be paying 'extra' for high floors, away from elevator (except those who want rooms close to elevator), away from ice machines, to go along with the current trend of views and size.


PS - tip of the hat to kharada46 for sharing the site earlier this month. That's what Insiders is all about, sharing info, stories, and techniques (because it certainly isn't about influencing the policies of the Tidal Wave known as Marriott).