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Discussion created by dth61 on Jul 28, 2014
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Before confirming a reservation, either over the phone or online, I'd like to be told ahead of time of ALL possible additional fees. In just the last week I was surprised to learn of a per accommodation resort fee and a mandatory per person/per day meal plan at two resorts I had booked and neither of these fees were brought to my attention during the booking process. BTW, I was redeeming points for both of these stays.


I will admit that one of the properties, Kessler Canyon, does make mention of the meal plan on the Marriott site, but you have really look for it. I thought I did my due diligence before booking online so learning this after the fact didn't sit well with me. $175 per person/per day food served in a communal dining setting and a mandatory 20% gratuatity.


See for yourself:  De Beque, Colorado, Resort | Kessler Canyon, Autograph Collection®


I cancelled the reservation because there is no way I am going to pay $175 for my wife's egg whites and salads. My wife is a vegetarian--basically only eating meat when she has to for her job as a society columnist for a local newspaper. Not to mention, when your job requires you to cover foodie events/chefs and to be social with strangers, communal dining would be just another night at work for her and completely negate my desire to enjoy a weekend alone with my wife.


On a side note, Marriott should make a point of bringing it to our attention that Kessler Canyon is for all intents & purposes an All Inclusive Resort. I found after the fact that Kessler Canyon's own website does make mention of this.


The second surprise was the resort fee at the Hill Country Resort. I called the Platinum Elite number and made this reservation. This topic should have come up at some point during the reservation process. Their fee isn't exuberant, $32 per accommodation/per night, but again, it covers things of no interest to us. We won't be using the work out room, sports facilities or the phone. This fee wouldn't have stopped me from booking, but again, I'd like to know ahead of time especially when I am booking with points. On their page I found info on parking, wi-fi and the following: There may be a fee for some guest services.

Can you find mention of the resort fee? San Antonio Resorts | JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa


Pop ups like this are common place when placing orders so I don't think what I am asking would be anything revolutionary and I hope Marriott will seriously consider making this change. Fees I'd like to see brought to my attention ahead of time:



Meal Plans

Activity Fees

Resort Fees

Airport Shuttle Fees


Suggestions for other fees that should be brought to our attention prior to hitting Confirm?