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Parrellel Post Trumbull CT

Question asked by guilford1 on Jul 22, 2014

What has happened to the excellent service at this restaurant?  I have dined there several times- on my way home from the city, meeting friends traveling through etc.  Had dinner there tonight- 6 guests- mostly empty restaurant-  food was excellent as usual- the service was terrible- not bad, terrible- examples:


Food being delivered by a runner who had no idea who ordered what- 4 trips to deliver- each 5 minutes apart to bring everything.

Server did not know what pepper mill was- referred to it a "that squishy thing" - not kidding!

Ignored us throughout the meal- we had to get up twice for service

Ignored the request for extra dessert plates requested while ordering  (we were sharing 3) - finally brought them after dessert and commented that we had not waited for her!

Charged for the wrong wine ($10 extra) and we had to go the bar and request a correction- after 10 full minutes had to go back to the bar and ask again for the bill

The bill was $350 with the auto 18% tip and I always leave at least 20% - this is one of the few times I would not have left more than 10%


To top it off- I mentioned it to a Marriott manager who basically said  "sorry you were not happy"  I am a 300+ GOLD member and expect a more professional response when speaking with a Marriot manager.