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Where is the alternate email address gone ?

Question asked by cjadb2 on Jul 20, 2014

It seems Marriott is updating its website - fair enough.


Where has the alternate email address gone ?

Used to be on the account profile - where is it now - it is essential for many of us who use one email address for business travel and another for personal travel (often points).


Where is the 2nd address - business and home ?

Now seem I can choose one - not very helpful having to get the hotel to re-type address every time you need to use the other address - because it now seems


So the new web site seems to be fancy but you removed feature we business travellers needs and it won't just inconvenience us - its going to inconvenience check out getting emails changes to and fro between the two addresses.


Someone has got it badly wrong.


During the process it seems the alternate email, although I can see it on booking - no longer gets emails - so now having to ring the marriott reservation line to get them all send - more work for you and me.


Can someone put back the old website which was functionally 10x better.


An unhappy platinum customer of 15+ years.